Sass, socks, and rev ops: meet Ethan

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Sass, socks, and rev ops: meet Ethan

Meet Ethan Bourland, one of our fabulous revenue optimization managers. Originally from LA, Ethan has lived all over – even in Sweden! He’s always down for new adventures and is known around the office for his sass, spunk, and making everyone laugh. Not to mention, Ethan has serious sock game. He studied Business Administration and Marketing at Fordham University in New York and has been in the industry ever since. Today, we talked with Ethan and got the scoop on his life here at

What is your background in the industry?

When I was still in school in New York, I started working for a social media marketing start-up because I was studying marketing. I was an account manager and content writer, and LOVED the work I did. Ever since then I have wanted to stay in the industry. After I graduated, I got a job with Ogilvy & Mather, an ad agency in New York. At Ogilvy, I was a media buyer and worked with different ad partners to buy media for my client, IBM.  

How did you come to

So, I heard about when I moved to Tel Aviv and decided to apply. I wanted to switch my focus from the agency side to the tech side, because I wanted to see the industry from a new perspective. sounded perfect for that. It’s actually funny – I interviewed for sales but they hired me in rev ops. What a relief! My job is the perfect fit for me, I love it.

What do you do here?

I am a revenue optimization manager, meaning that I work with our clients post-sale. I do a lot of things, like continuously optimize their websites. But, basically, my job is half maintaining client relationships and half finding monetization opportunities for them. It’s really fun to work with people from all around the world.

Since your clients are from all over, how do you juggle the different time zones?

Well, I really am not a morning person… everyone here knows not to talk to me until I’ve had my first coffee. So, the time differences of my clients and I actually work really well together, because by the time most of them are awake, I’ve already had time to get my day started. It is really fun to keep up with all of that and it definitely keeps my days interesting.  

What’s a typical day at the office like?

Everyday, I ride to work on my electric bike. Then I’ll start my day by checking emails with a cold americano in hand and catch up with my awesome team – we’re definitely the most fun team in the office, by the way. From there, the day can turn into many different things. I really like that every new day is different. Some days I’m mainly dealing with publisher requests, some days I’m putting together detailed reports, and other day I’m finding new opportunities to help our publishers.

Who is your favorite office dog?

Zoe! Oh yes, she’s polite, she smells good, and she always has a positive attitude. My least favorite is Rocky. (pulls a face) He smells horrible.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

I love the balance between responsibility and freedom that I have. I have freedom to do a lot with my position, but I also have many responsibilities to fulfill. Mainly, though, I love everybody I work with and the vibe of the office. We always try to have fun while we’re working. Plus, a huge bonus is that my favorite cupcake shop is down the street.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to travel, swim in the sea – but not during jellyfish season – and go out and explore Tel Aviv. I also love crossfit and yoga. Sometimes I go to yoga classes with my boss, Marina. So much fun.

What is one fun fact about you?

I used to want to be a flight attendant when I grew up. Seriously.

What is your favorite memory from working here?

My favorite memory is definitely the day that we moved offices from WeWork, which is a shared office space, to our own place. It was a really exciting day, and the team had a lot of fun together. I miss the socializing and constant excitement from WeWork, but I love having our own space. Plus, now we have a beautiful view!

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