After a complete website analysis, we share preview URLs of the new ad products we recommend. See exactly how they would appear and behave on your site.


We create the new ad products you select and customize them to suit all editorial requirements, page layouts and lengths, user behaviors, and device types.


We connect the ad products to our direct and programmatic demand. Our platform learns what to charge for each individual impression to maximize revenue.


We automatically measure how users interact with our ad products to understand the impact on user experience and fine tune the ad products’ behavior.


For each ad product, we track revenue performance and user engagement. We can easily A/B test ad products to get the right fit for each scenario.

We do everything via one integration tag. Yes, we really do mean one tag. It’s that easy. Our team will be happy to review your website and suggest which supplementary ad products will work best for you.

Our publishers enjoy 30% - 150% extra revenue*

*Depends on website traffic, selected placements, and existing ads.

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Meet the team

Here are the minds that power FirstImpression around the clock.

Roy Peleg
Chief Executive Officer
Omer Müller
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Bassin
Chief Revenue Officer
Uri Yatskin
System Architect
Almog Even
Senior Developer
Amir Gur
Operations Team Leader
Daniel Schwartz
Senior Business Development Manager
Kobi Gonen
Operations Engineer
Joshua Samet
Revenue Optimization Analyst
Marina Shnayder
Senior Revenue Optimization Manager
Natali Chanany
Business Development Manager
Maor Berkover
Operations Engineer
Sophie Allweis
Marketing Manager
Karen Perl
PA & Office Admin
Shir Dahan
Operations Engineer
Adam Sabbagh
Business Development Manager
Ethan Bourland
Revenue Optimization Manager
Samuel Slinger
Business Development Manager
Sarah Soleiman
Data Scientist
Matan Makleff
Sales Development Representative
Allyson Shira Betech
Web Researcher

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