To better help customers learn about FirstImpression.io, we’ve compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions
When are FirstImpression.io's offices open?

FirstImpression.io’s office is open Sunday through Thursday, from 7:00-17:00 UTC.

Where can I access FirstImpression.io’s Privacy Policy?

Here is a link to our privacy policy.

What steps does FirstImpression.io take towards GDPR compliance?

We do not collect from EEA residents any information that can be used to identify them individually (e.g. name, IP address, email etc.). All information we collect from EEA residents is on a de-identified and aggregated basis. See our Privacy Policy for more information or contact your Revenue Optimization Manager for additional questions related to GDPR.

How do I contact FirstImpression.io support?

Your designated Revenue Optimization Manager is available through email, Skype, phone and chat. Contact details appear on the left hand side of any page inside FirstImpression.io’s console.

For any urgent matters outside of office hours, please email info@firstimpression.io.

Where can I access FirstImpression.io’s Terms of Service?

Here is a link to our Terms of Service.

Are FirstImpression.io’s ad products Better Ads compliant?

Yes. We only recommend ad products which are compliant with the Better Ads standard. If a publisher is interested in a non-compliant format, we will create it, but it will have to be monetized via the publisher’s own demand.

How do I integrate my website with Firstimpression.io?

Integration tag can be added to a website through:

  1. Hard-coding on page, preferably between the tags
  2. Trafficking the tag through your ad server
  3. Trafficking the tag through your tag manager
  4. Using our WordPress plugin
  5. Including our tag via a local/remote JavaScript file
I've placed FirstImpression.io's integration tag on my website. Is there any additional technical work needed from me?

No. That one time integration is the only technical work a publisher ever has to do in order to enjoy the full benefit of FirstImpression.io. Once the integration tag is on your website on all pages and devices, there is no need to ever touch the tag again.

How are FirstImpression.io’s suggestions for the ad products shown to me?

Our team prepares interactive simulations to demonstrate how each individual ad product suggestion will look and behave on your website.

What do I do if I have specific restrictions I’d like to place on the FirstImpression.io ad products shown to me?

FirstImpression.io ad products can be tailored to any specific requirement or specifications that you have on your end. Such examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Capping ad product impressions at X amount of impressions per user per session
  • Targeting specific profiles of users
  • Targeting specific sections on a website
  • Targeting specific GEOs
  • Timed appearances determining when a FirstImpression.io ad product renders
  • Experimentations with different IAB sizes
  • Limiting FirstImpression.io ad products to certain page lengths or other page restrictions
  • FirstImpression.io is able to be extremely flexible with the customization of ad products created with its technology. The FirstImpression.io mission is to create ad products customized to your specific needs. If you have any other particular restrictions, don’t hesitate to contact your Revenue Optimization Manager to provide further instructions

Once I approve new ad products, how long will it take for them to go live?

Publishers can expect new ad products to be created and monetized in up to three business days, barring any extenuating circumstances with the website. Usually it happens faster.

Will FirstImpression.io's ad products interfere with my existing ad placements?

Not at all! Every time a user visits one of your pages, the FirstImpression.io platform waits for all of your content and existing ad placements to load. Then, the FirstImpression.io platform scans and loads an ad product if a suitable opportunity presents itself that has been agreed upon in advance. FirstImpression.io ad products automatically take a safety distance from your existing ad products on the page to avoid any revenue cannibalization.

However, if there are specific placements that you’re concerned about, let your Revenue Optimization Manager know.

Will implementing FirstImpression.io’s integration tag on my website cause ad products to appear immediately?

No arbitrary ad products are created upon integration with FirstImpression.io. Implementing our integration tag creates the link between your website and the FirstImpression.io platform. We will only create ad products on your website with your consent and only after conducting a detailed analysis of your website.

How do I know what new ad products are right for my website?

After completing the integration with FirstImpression.io, our team will conduct a detailed traffic analysis to identify new opportunities to generate revenue. We will recommend the right highly-customized new ad products especially tailored for your website.

What types of ad product formats does FirstImpression.io offer?

FirstImpression.io has dozens of ad product formats, ranging from static, interactive and high impact for display, video and native demand.All that can be created with zero-coding. Please contact us to get tailored recommendations for your website.

What do I need to do if I am interested in more/different ad products for my website?

All you have to do is let your FirstImpression.io Revenue Optimization Manager know what kinds of ad products you’re interested in, and we’ll take it from there!

How can I load a given page without FirstImpression.io’s functionality?

To do it, you don’t need to remove FirstImpression.io’s integration tag. All you have to do in order to view your website without FirstImpression.io functionality is to add the following to the given URL: ?Disable_fi=1 (for example: http://www.example.com?disable_fi=1). This will disable all of FirstImpression.io’s functionality during the page view to allow you to see how a given page looks like without any FirstImpression.io ad products.

Is there a way to traffic my direct advertising campaigns in through FirstImpression.io ad products?

Yes you can – as part of a FirstImpression.io SaaS license. With irstImpression.io SaaS, publishers are able to have new ad products created and monetized with their own direct demand (as opposed to the open auction monetization that is offered by FirstImpression.io). irstImpression.io SaaS gives publishers the flexibility to easily offer additional inventory to their advertising partners and sell campaigns for a premium.

Please speak to your FirstImpression.io Business Development Manager if you have questions about a FirstImpression.io SaaS license.

How much revenue will FirstImpression.io’s ad products generate for my website?

The amount of revenue FirstImpression.io’s ad products will generate for your website is dependant on the types of opportunities we identify following a website analysis, which of our recommendations you accept and the demand partners that will be used on your website.

What fill rate can I expect from FirstImpression.io's ad products?

Every individual ad product created by FirstImpression.io is highly customized to monetize a specific type of opportunity and will have a different fill rate that we cannot predict in advance. That being said, when ad products are monetized by FirstImpression.io demand, the FirstImpression.io platform optimizes the monetization towards revenue and NOT fill rate. Our technology automatically A/B tests floor prices to constantly price our inventory according to market trends in order to bring publishers more yield with the lowest impressions possible.

However, if a publisher has specific monetization goals that are based on fill, FirstImpression.io’s team can accommodate accordingly.

How do I know what FirstImpression.io ad products will be most effective in terms of revenue generation?

Figuring out what works best for your website in terms of monetization requires ongoing optimization. Lucky for you, FirstImpression.io does all the heavy lifting. Once FirstImpression.io’s team goes live with an ad product on your website, your Revenue Optimization Manager constantly keep track of its performance and running tests to facilitate greater revenue generation.

How often are reports updated?

Reports are updated throughout the day, once a day, or the next day, depending on the demand partner providing the statistics. Typically, all reports will have finalized data by the end of the next day Pacific time.

How do I enable or disable my existing FirstImpression.io ad products?

Once you log into the FirstImpression.io platform and go to the ‘Inventory’ section, you will see a list of all the ad products that have been created for your website. In order to enable or disable a particular ad product, all you have to do is press the enable/disable button.

Once enabled, the ad product will begin running on your website within 10 seconds.

Once disabled, the ad product will cease from appearing on your website within 10 seconds.

Are the revenue reports that I see in my dashboard final?

Revenue and other statistics in the reporting dashboard are estimates based on statistics provided by FirstImpression.io’s demand partners. Some demand partners retroactively adjust revenue on extremely rare occasions). These deductions will be reported by the FirstImpression.io team directly to you and won’t be reflected in the reports themselves.

Any deductions will be reflected in the ‘Payment History’ screen in the dashboard.

If any reports are delayed due to FirstImpression.io’s demand partners, a notice will be posted with details within your dashboard informing you that some reporting has been delayed.

How do I know how much revenue has been generated with FirstImpression.io's ad products for my website?

AAll you have to do is log into the FirstImpression.io platform at https://publishers.firstimpression.io/ with the login details that you’ve been provided with. Once inside, you’ll be able to view all different levels of reporting, such as revenue totals per date, revenue per placement, revenue per device, etc.

What is the ``In QA`` label near all of the ad products in the Inventory screen?

When new ad products are created for a publisher, the FirstImpression.io team spends a lot of time configuring and testing the ad products before setting them live on that website. This is in order to make sure that everything is set up exactly as a publisher has requested.

When an ad product is being tested, it is set in ‘QA mode’, which will be checked off in the ‘Inventory’ screen. Keep in mind, when a unit is set in QA mode, it is NOT live on a website.

What is the time zone of the reports that I see in the FirstImpression.io admin console?

Pacific Time Zone.

How do I know if FirstImpression.io's ad products are affecting the user experience on my website?

When an initial analysis of your website is conducted to identify gaps in your monetization and make appropriate recommendations, your website’s user behavior and traffic patterns are thoroughly observed. Recommendations for new complementary ad products are made that the FirstImpression.io team does not deduce will have any observed impact on the engagement of the users with your website.

All FirstImpression.io ad products that are recommended for publisher websites are in compliance with the Coalition for Better Ads.