Meet Sarah, the world’s most stylish data scientist

data scientist

Meet Sarah, the world’s most stylish data scientist

Today we sat down with Sarah Soleiman to learn about her life as a superstar data scientist at Sarah grew up in Paris and received her first degree in mathematics and data science at the Sorbonne, where she’s now a Masters student. She’s currently working at on a year out, before returning to Paris to complete her degree. But Sarah’s not your typical maths wiz. She’s always smiling and is our office style icon, never spotted without her signature headband and statement jewelry. 

Sarah, how did you hear about

It’s actually a funny story. When the company was based at WeWork, a shared office space, I was interning at a different start up there. During my coffee breaks, I would chat with employees – there seemed to be such a great vibe at the company. We would always joke about me joining the team. Once my other internship ended, I thought seriously about the idea, applied for a job, and now I am here.

What exactly is your role?

I am a data scientist. My tasks vary project to project but in general I am responsible for looking at publisher data and coming up with solutions to help them improve their sites, and help us improve our monetization capabilities. Right now, I am working on a new algorithm that will help determine whether our system should increase or decrease floor prices for our ad placements. It’s pretty hard, but has been my favorite challenge so far.

What is your typical day in the office like?

I come in around 10, say hello to the girls, and make an iced coffee with no milk. Ethan gave me that idea and I highly recommend it! Then I head from the kitchen to the tech side of the office and talk with the CTO about goals for the day. We then discuss lunch – in our room we always talk about food, and then I usually play with Rocky who’s one of our dogs here. We also work (she laughs), I guess I should mention that too!

You mentioned Rocky. Who’s your favorite office dog?

That is a tough one. (Pause) I think I would have to say Rocky, even though he stinks sometimes!

What is your favorite part about working here?

Definitely Thursday toasts. Every Thursday evening we gather as a company and the CEO goes through some highlights of the week from each department. There is always cake – chocolate whenever I get to choose. I remember when I first started working here and I called my family to tell them there is cake every Thursday and they said wow, this is the perfect job for you! In general my favorite part about working here is the very cool atmosphere. The culture and vibes have exceeded my expectations.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Often after work I like to go to yoga classes with one of the girls from the office. It’s a great way to stretch out after sitting at the computer all day. I also like relaxing on the beach and trying out new restaurants in the city. I’m only here for a year so it’s been really fun to explore Tel Aviv.

After Paris, would you consider moving back here?

Yes, I love it so much here and definitely want to come back!

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