~15% of Publishers Implementing Ads.txt May Be Losing Money Due To Implementation Errors

FirstImpression.io Ads.txt Industry Dashboard

~15% of Publishers Implementing Ads.txt May Be Losing Money Due To Implementation Errors

FirstImpression.io’s Ads.txt Industry Dashboard reveals hard data on usage statistics, trends, and pitfalls of Ads.txt

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL ( December 19, 2017) – FirstImpression.io, an ad-tech company with a solution for creating highly customized new ad products with no coding, has launched the Ads.txt Industry Dashboard (https://adstxt.firstimpression.io). An industry first, this free and daily updated tool provides deep insights on the adoption of and trends associated with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Ads.txt initiative. The Ads.txt Industry Dashboard continues the IAB’s efforts to ensure the integrity of programmatic transactions and prevent the sale of counterfeit ad inventory. The first in a series of free industry-focused tools, the Ads.txt Industry Dashboard was developed by FirstImpression.io Labs.

What is the Ads.txt Industry Dashboard

The Ads.txt Industry Dashboard delivers a daily updated industry overview and analysis of Ads.txt adoption by the Alexa™ 30,000 websites and the Alexa™ 500 in leading countries.

With the Ads.txt Industry Dashboard, industry stakeholders are able to:

  • easily see adoption rates by publishers in different market tiers and geographies,
  • learn about common implementation errors and pitfalls, as well as the underuse/overuse of features, such as listing contact details and utilizing dedicated Ads.txt for subdomains,
  • review statistics on seller relationships: including ratio of authorized direct sellers vs. resellers, and 
  • see trends regarding the usage of popular and emerging advertising systems.

Actionable Statistics From the Ads.txt Industry Dashboard

  • Adoption Rates: Currently increasing by ~5% a week across all Alexa™ tiers
  • Highest Adoption Rate by Country: US (36%), Canada (29%), Australia (28%), Norway (28%), and France (28%)
  • Error Rate: over 15% of the publishers that have adopted Ads.txt have errors in their files

Omer Muller, Co-Founder and CTO at FirstImpression.io, said, “The Ads.txt Industry Dashboard complements the FirstImpression.io ad product creation platform, since it promotes transparency and accountability in the ad-tech ecosystem. We believe in the adoption of Ads.txt, so much so, that in addition to providing the Ads.txt Industry Dashboard to the industry for free, we have added a one-click capability to generate our Ads.txt records via our platform for our expanding community of publishers. There is also a feature that will quickly bubble up missing Ads.txt records. This will make it easier for our publishers to correctly adopt the Ads.txt standard.” Muller continued, “We are happy to see that of our publishers that have adopted Ads.txt, 98% have correctly included us in their Ads.txt file.”

“IAB’s Ads.txt is an elegant solution to an insidious problem and important in the fight against ad fraud, which has plagued the industry for too long, hurting publishers, brands and ultimately the user,” said Roy Peleg, Co-Founder and CEO of FirstImpression.io. “FirstImpression.io is part of the fight against ad fraud; returning advertising revenue to publishers and stemming the downward slide of CPM rates, so that publishers can continue to deliver high quality content to their readers and promote the brand safety of their advertisers. Together, our ad product creation platform and the new Ads.txt Industry Dashboard both help publishers maximize their ad revenue potential beyond their expectations.” 


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About FirstImpression.io Labs

FirstImpression.io Labs, launched by FirstImpression.io, is a dedicated team of developers that builds tools that promote transparency, usability and accountability in the digital advertising ecosystem. The Ads.txt Industry Dashboard is the first of a series of free industry tools to be released.

About Our Leadership

Roy Peleg, Co-Founder and CEO – An online marketing veteran, Roy is a serial entrepreneur of startups and online tech publications. Roy also held leadership positions at The Nation Traffic, Topic Bay, Interlogic and Signal P. Roy also held IT and research positions in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF.

Omer Muller, Co-Founder and CTO – Omer kicked off his software development career in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF. Before co-founding FirstImpression.io, he worked as an OS internal researcher for numerous clients, while studying for his B.Sc in computer science with a specialization in machine learning.